IT support and PC repairs in Letchworth

Welcome to your local IT and PC repair specialist in Letchworth, we are Infinite IT a local company that will service all your IT needs. We work at all levels within the industry an are happy to work with residential clients as much as we do commercial clients.

When it comes to IT and PC repair specialist in Letchworth  no job is too big or too small and we can provide the service from our local shop. From the shop we can fix and service PC's, lap tops and note books. Mobile we can visit on site or at your place of work. We have recently replaced a new screen on a lap top at our shop at the same time we installed a few rack servers and data cabling at a local company.

As you can see we reallt cater for the local community leaving no one in doubt that we are the IT and PC repiar specialist in Letchworth that the local community can trust.

Jamie Snow and Aarron Eastwoood both co-directors of Infinite IT front the business and are involved in many bussiness forums within the area.

IT Support - Letchworth

At infinite IT we can give you IT support either as and when you require it. This can be as simple as setting up E mail accounts on your systems to installing software. If your a business this may be a little bit more comples as we can then run and manage your total IT systems. Some businesses may only need basic support again, so nothing too small.

PC Repairs Letchworth

At infinite we really like to save you money and give you great customer service when we fix your PC's as we know thatothers will dismiss the faults and try to up sell you another devise just to make extra on the margins.

Letchworth Garden City is a town situated on the Bedfordshire border inside of Hertfordshire. The town has many characteristics with buildings that have a retro 1930's look and feel. We have a pedestrian shopping area and a cinema that looks and feels like a 1950 film set. You have to see it to belive itIT support and PC repairs in Letchwort.

Contact us with your requirement s and we’ll get back to you with a price. In Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire and have an IT emergency to fix? No problem, we can be with you shortly.